EMF are electromagnetic fields that are hidden lines of forces that originate from any electrical tools. Two kinds of EMFs include low frequency, which originates from electricity and high frequency that originate from wireless tools. The two types of EMFs are produced from many things around us. Numerous households use electricity for their appliances and also cell phones. Exposure of artificial EMF has increased from the 20th century because of the high demand for electricity. All individuals are exposed to a combination of weak electric and magnetic fields both in the house and at work. Those living near substation should be very cautious.

Small electrical currents are present in our body as a result of chemical reactions that occur due to natural body functions even when there is no external EMF. The low EMF affects the human body just as they affect any other thing that is composed of charged elements. At the times that EMF acts on conductive elements, they affect the distribution of electric charges at their surface. They result to the flow of the current in the human body to the surface. These low EMF lead to the circulation of currents in the human body. The power of these currents relies on the intensity of the external magnetic fields. In case they are huge, the currents could lead to the stimulation of nerves and muscles or negatively impact other areas of the body. Electric and magnetic fields lead to voltage and currents in the human body and also under a high voltage transmission line, the induced currents are extremely insignificant compared to thresholds for creating shock and other electrical impacts.

Heating is the primary biological consequence of the EMF of radiofrequency fields. Within microwave ovens, this fact is applied to heat food. The stages of EMF to which individuals are exposed to are extremely minimal compared to those that are required to create significant heating. EMFs destabilize ions out of the cells and obstruct the metabolism that occurs in the cells. A lot of people have shown a number of symptoms after being exposed to EMF dangers within their homes. Some of these symptoms include headaches, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. However, scientific studies does not support a connection between these signs and exposure to EMF. A lot of research is being done on EMF hypersensitive especially in its relation to cancer, health effects of the use of mobile phones.
What are the EMF (Electromotive Force) Health Risks and Dangers?