Reliable research shows that frequent exposure to EMF is highly dangerous and risky to human health and the effects are not only immediate but also long-term. It is therefore essential to minimize such exposures as much as it is possible to not only improve one's health but also to feel better. It is unfortunate that most people interpret most chronic symptoms they experience as usual and most associate such will inadequate sleep, but such situations can be rectified by minimizing the exposure to EMF. Some of the benefits that come with reduced contact with EMF include enhanced and quality sleep, minimal brain fog as well as improved brain functioning among many others.

Coming in frequent contact with EMF is highly dangerous to human beings across the world which is the reason why it is recommended that people should reduce such exposures as much as they can. Discussed below are some of the significant substation health risks that come as a result of the EMF exposures.

Brain development and health
The brain continues to develop over the years from conception to the early and mid-twenties. Children, therefore, have the highest risk of suffering poor brain development every time they come in contact with EMF. The group hence deserves additional protection and precaution to give their brain ample time and conditions to develop adequately. Any small influence on the kids' developing brain can lead to huge impacts later on in their adult life. Some of the effects the brain suffers as a result of EMF include hindering of adequate blood flow in the brain, inadequate metabolism of glucose, thermal and non-thermal effects, hyperactivity as well as other impacts to the mind as digital dementia among many others. EMF surveys come hand in hand with results of the safety of the area.

Brain cancer
Studies also show that people who use their phones heavily for as long as ten years have double chances of suffering the cancer of the brain. The people who have been using them since their teenage years have between four to five times more brain tumors by the time they hit their late twenties.

Breast cancer
The breasts are made up of soft fatty tissues which readily absorb certain types of EMFs as well as phone radiations. From some case studies carried out across the world, most women who stored their phones in their bras for a long time developed tumors below their antennas which is where the phones were kept.

Other risks include poor development in children, infertility among both males and females as well as poor sleep and oxidative sleep among many other non-specific effects.
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